Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my mini editor

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so i decided to create a blog... i did 3 posts
then got LAZYYY haha (:
but i'm posting a polyvore mini editor in my next post!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm just going to say, icecream is amazing. enough said.
seriously, what would life be like without icecream?
I love that feeling of going to my favorite icecream store and ordering my favorite flavor- cake batter in a small sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles
then eating it..... lick by lick....
the sensation of yummyness in my mouth

haha :) so my life would have no meaning without icecream

Friday, July 9, 2010


so also in the notebook my dad found- i have this.
one of the workshops i went to at that writing conference was with this amazing lady and she told us to describe nothinggg

I did nothing today.
describe nothing
if you think that sentence over, it doesnt make sence. it is impossible to do nothing, yet somehow i find myself "doing nothing" on somedays. When somone says nothing they usually mean nothing interesting, nothing productive, nothing worth talking or bragging about. When i say "Nothing" it's usually because i spent the day facebook stalking my friends and just laying in bed thinking, or rather day dreaming.

nothing is like a big open gap where anything can happen.

My Inspiration

So my dad was cleaning out a few things around the house, and found a notebook of mine

I got that notebook at the media matters writing conference in november 2010 at Umass Boston.

So then i was like "omg i remeber that!!!!" so i went on Facebook and looked at my pictures from it. my friend took notes on his life: (snipped from facebook- highlighted parts)
he also signed my notebook

so idk i feel like starting a blog- and this guy is one of my true inspirations for writing